Fordefi Partners with Bitbond to Enable Native Token Minting on Fordefi’s MPC Wallet Platform

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Crypto Trading Firms and Web3 Companies Can Now Mint and Secure Tokens Directly on Fordefi’s Wallet Platform

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Bitbond, a leading tokenization software provider in the Web3 space. Our partnership unlocks a new use case and experience for Fordefi customers. Using Bitbond Token Tool, Fordefi customers can now natively mint, distribute, and store newly minted tokens directly on our platform, offering the highest level of protection via MPC key management, granular policy management, and unparalleled DeFi connectivity. 

“We are excited to provide Foredefi users with state-of-the-art smart contract creation and deployment tools, all within the convenience and security of their Foredefi wallet. Asset tokenization is a powerful application of blockchain across a wide variety of use cases, and our solution paired with Fordefi helps users to unlock this potential at the click of a button.” said Radoslav Albrecht, Bitbond’s Founder & CEO.

Key Features

  • Tokenize assets such as crypto ETFs, index funds, and bonds 
  • Effortlessly create and mint NFTs, in-game collectables, digital collections, and more
  • Securely store digital assets protected by MPC technology

We’re excited to continue partnering with Bitbond on future content pieces, including a soon to be released how-to guide on minting your own tokens with Fordefi.  


The collaboration between Fordefi and Bitbond will allow our respective clients to harness the power of tokenization secured by an institutional grade infrastructure built exactly for these types of applications. Whether it's tokenizing real world assets, NFT collections or the next legendary in-game asset, our partnership with Bitbond simplifies the process of creating opportunities. said Steve Horvath, VP of Sales at Fordefi.

For those interested in learning more about how to mint your own tokens on Fordefi, please reach out to our sales team at for a demo, today! 

About Bitbond

Bitbond is the leading technology provider for bank-grade tokenization and digital assets technology. After conducting Europe’s first security token offering that received approval by the German financial regulator BaFin in 2019, Bitbond started to provide tokenization technology and expertise to banks and token creators. With Bitbond’s Web3 product Token Tool, customers can effortlessly create, manage, and distribute tokens and NFTs across leading EVM chains.

About Fordefi

Fordefi’s MPC wallet platform and web3 gateway enables institutions to seamlessly connect to dApps across networks, while keeping digital assets secure. Fordefi is the first institutional wallet and security platform purpose-built for DeFi. Fordefi was founded in 2021 by crypto custody and cybersecurity experts, and designed in close collaboration with crypto industry-leading trading firms, funds and custodians.

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