Control Access to Your Workspace with Fordefi’s Vault View Permissions

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Vault View Permissions, a new feature that enables our clients with the capability to control which vaults a user can view. This feature demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with the most efficient and effective tools for managing their trading operations.

As our clients’ scaled their operations, managing visibility into their workspaces became a key challenge and pain point. Essentially, all users within a workspace had visibility into all the workspace’s vaults, assets, and transaction activity. This visibility however, was often not required nor was it desirable. New user use cases were evident as clients needed to provide external users, guest members, and freelance traders with access to some of the vaults in the workspace. Although Fordefi’s Policy Engine already enabled our clients with control over what actions a user could take, it did not control what a user could see throughout the platform. Our clients wanted a secure solution that would enable them to silo visibility for users who did not require access into more than one vault or set of vaults. 

With the introduction of the Vault View Permissions, workspace administrators can now select which users or user groups are granted visibility into that specific vault group, including access to all of the vault group’s associated assets and transaction activity.

Vault Permissions - Fordefi

Controlling A Trader’s View and Access into Your Workspace

Vault View Permissions provides an additional layer of security and compliments our Policy Engine, to provide you with comprehensive workspace controls. With Vault View Permissions, admins are able to determine what their individual traders can view across the Fordefi platform. 

Administrator Access: Workspace admins can view, search, and access all vaults, vaults in vault groups, and all the vault’s associate assets and transaction activity.

Traders Access: Traders or trading groups can view, search, and access only the vaults and vault groups in which they’ve been granted explicit permission. 

  • Access to Vaults: Traders are limited to viewing and accessing the vaults associated with their permissions. 
  • Access to Assets: Traders are limited to viewing the assets and balances in the vaults associated with their permissions. 
  • Access to Transactions: Traders are limited to accessing only the transaction activity associated with their permissions. 

At Fordefi, we believe that Vault Permissions significantly improves the management of traders and their access within any organization. We are confident that Vault Permissions will serve as a valuable tool and are excited for our clients to begin leveraging this new feature. 

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