deBridge Chooses Fordefi MPC Wallet API to Scale Cross-Chain Liquidity

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We’re excited to announce that deBridge, a cross-chain bridge, has chosen Fordefi as their MPC wallet to support its institutional liquidity infrastructure. deBridge required an MPC wallet API solution that could enable RockawayX, an institutional liquidity provider, to execute transactions with a seamless and secure workflow. By leveraging Fordefi’s MPC wallet, deBridge and RockawayX work together to provide counterparty validated liquidity access to institutions transacting on deBridge.

Thanks to Fordefi’s unique MPC technology, we’re able to bring institutional liquidity to DeFi in a fully non-custodial way. It’s a win-win for solvers, institutions, and most of all, end users, who get unprecedented access to deep liquidity on bridge transfers. - Alex Smirnov, CEO of deBridge

deBridge: Scaling Cross-Chain Transactions with Intents

Founded in 2021 by Alex Smirnov, deBridge aims to build the bridge that DeFi deserves. Their innovative approach has resulted in highly efficient bridging technology that eliminates the need for liquidity pools. While most DeFi bridges rely on liquidity pools as their primary source of liquidity, this model tends to be expensive, inefficient, and often attracts hackers seeking lucrative targets. Recognizing the inherent asynchronicity in the cross-chain space, deBridge developed an intent-based smart contract that allows anyone to execute intent-based transactions. These intents can then be fulfilled by solvers, with the first to solve earning the spread. deBridge jumpstarted liquidity on their platform by developing and open-sourcing the code for the first solver, thereby initiating a flywheel effect.

deBridge’s Institutional Liquidity Challenge

deBridge’s intent-based transactions and solver flywheel approach proved incredibly efficient for retail transactions. However, a challenge arose when addressing larger-scale intents executed by institutions. The existing model lacked sufficient liquidity from current solvers to meet institutional demands. To overcome this challenge, deBridge and RockawayX collaborated to design a solution that allowed RockawayX to provide liquidity to the solvers while retaining custody. Implementing this solution required an MPC wallet API to secure and streamline the flow of liquidity from RockawayX to deBridge solvers.

[Source: deBridge Blog - Decentralizing access to institutional liquidity with Fordefi]

How deBridge and Rockaway X Leverage Fordefi’s Wallet API

Validating Intents with Fordefi’s Policy Engine

RockawayX utilized Fordefi’s self-serve policy engine to design a workflow that would review and verify proposed transactions. If the transactions matched, the workflow would then sign and broadcast the transaction. deBridge solvers then gained access to this liquidity once the transactions matched, and could therefore solve and earn the spread.  This workflow enabled RockawayX to remain in full control over their assets, while providing liquidity to the deBridge platform for compliant transactions. 

Signing and Managing the Full Transaction Lifecycle via API

In addition to Fordefi’s policy engine, deBridge and RockawayX leveraged Fordefi’s wallet API to enable fully programmatic transaction management, from transaction generation to MPC signing and broadcasting to the blockchain. Fordefi’s extensive DeFi integrations across EVM, Solana, and Cosmos empowered deBridge and RockawayX to offer institutional-grade support across 30+ blockchains. Furthermore, Fordefi’s wallet API helped protect these transactions from front-running attacks with MEV protection, ensuring a secure transaction experience at every step.

Choosing Fordefi as DeBridge’s Wallet Infrastructure Solution

deBridge successfully addressed institutional liquidity challenges on their platform by leveraging Fordefi's MPC wallet API in partnership with RockawayX as a counterparty liquidity provider. This setup unlocked secure and seamless cross-chain liquidity for deBridge’s institutional clients and introduced an innovative model for scaling DeFi bridge liquidity without relying on traditional liquidity pools.

We're excited to continue collaborating closely with deBridge as they continue to scale their operations. For more information on how Fordefi's MPC wallet and security platform can enable your business to safely transact in DeFi, reach out to today.

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