Fordefi Launches Industry Leading Native MPC Wallet Integration For Cosmos App-Chains and ATOM

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An industry trailblazer in the MPC wallet sector for institutional DeFi accessibility, Fordefi enriches their native browser extension to support Cosmos’ decentralized protocols and applications.


New York, NY, United States of America, September 20, 2023 (originally published on EIN Presswire)Fordefi, a financial technology company, today announced the launch of their native wallet integration for Cosmos protocols and applications. Fordefi’s institutional MPC wallet platform offers a proprietary multi-chain browser extension, unifying the transaction experience across different types of blockchains. With this launch, Fordefi continues to make strides in its mission to provide institutions with the tools required to securely manage digital assets and confidently transact in decentralized finance (DeFi).

"Our objective is to create a seamless and secure experience for institutions, and robust connectivity stands as a vital element in achieving this goal. Users prefer a unified solution instead of separate extensions for each blockchain interaction," commented Josh Schwartz, Fordefi's CEO and Co-founder. "We're pleased to continue building upon our core strengths and bring new capabilities to DeFi.”

Catalyzing DeFi Momentum: Cosmos’ Ecosystem Readies for Institutional Growth

The Cosmos ecosystem is primed for a decentralized finance expansion, particularly highlighted by Osmosis’ continued developments and dYdX, the largest decentralized perpetual exchange in DeFi, soon launching on the ecosystem. A surge of interest from Fordefi's institutional clients was evident, showcasing heightened curiosity and eagerness to engage with the diverse range of protocols offered within the Cosmos ecosystem. Fordefi’s next generation MPC wallet brings to the Cosmos ecosystem a fully integrated native solution that enables clients with an unprecedented level of transaction clarity and best-in-class security infrastructure, that was previously inaccessible to institutional clients transacting in Cosmos. 

“Fordefi is leading the charge in enabling unprecedented access for institutions to enter the world of decentralized finance,” commented Eric Chen, Injective Labs CEO and Co-founder. “We in the Injective ecosystem are proud to be working alongside them to accelerate the adoption of true on-chain finance, ushering in a new paradigm for the Web3 industry at large."

“Fordefi, a contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem, is officially introducing native institutional MPC wallet connectivity to Osmosis. As the Cosmos DeFi landscape evolves for individuals and institutions alike, Fordefi stands out as one of the pioneers in securing a DeFi future for all participants,” commented Aaron Kong, Growth & Strategy Contributor at Osmosis.

“A core tenant of DeFi is increased accessibility for all groups interested in participating in the crypto ecosystem,” commented Nathan Cha, Marketing Lead at dYdX. “We're excited to see Fordefi continue to expand options for institutions that want access to MPC wallets. Increased options for services and robust technology are vital to the success of the entire crypto industry.” 

Native Browser Extension and Developer API for Cosmos Clients

Fordefi's MPC wallet and security platform stands ready to cater to institutions navigating transactions within the Cosmos network. This strategic offering ensures continuity, extending to clients the same robust feature set they've experienced when transacting on EVM chains. This includes translating complex transactions into user-friendly language, conducting simulations for each transaction, independently verifying addresses, and offering real-time risk alerts during transactions. All these capabilities are integrated into a single browser extension compatible with both EVM and non-EVM chains.


Fordefi is pleased to announce the expansion of its Cosmos integration to programmable clients. Through the Fordefi Wallet API, developers gain access to a comprehensive toolkit that includes secure private-key management, wallet establishment, and control over the lifecycle of transactions. Fordefi’s Wallet API equips developers with a complete solution that simplifies the complexities inherent in DeFi transactions, enabling them to seamlessly develop and expand their web3 projects without compromising security.

“At Liquibit Capital, securing diverse sources of liquidity across multiple chains is paramount. We chose Fordefi due to their commitment and technical expertise to maintain safety while navigating the fast-paced evolution of the DeFi landscape,” commented Gray Webb, CTO and Co-founder at Liquibit Capital. “Their support for Cosmos not only exemplifies their execution capabilities but further underlines why they are a key partner for us.”

Strengthening DeFi through Enhanced Security

Fordefi’s mission is to enable institutions to securely hold digital assets and safely transact across decentralized finance. This commitment to on-chain security within DeFi is prominently underscored by their investment in research. A testament to this dedication is their recent blog post "Vest in Peace," wherein they shed light on a significant vulnerability, codenamed Barberry, discovered by their team. This contribution underscores Fordefi's resolute dedication to fortifying the foundations of DeFi.

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