Fordefi Unlocks DeFi For Institutions Transacting on Sui

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At Fordefi, we’re proud to be leading the industry in defining institutional DeFi security standards as well as enabling DeFi access for institutions to transact on over 30 blockchains. Our wallet platform is trusted by leading institutions, including Pantera Capital, Wintermute, and Keyrock.

Fordefi has led industry-first integrations with both the Cosmos and Solana ecosystems. Expanding on our support for non-EVM blockchains, we’re excited to announce that our platform now supports the Sui blockchain. We are thrilled to be the first institutional MPC wallet to offer full-scale DeFi support, unlocking opportunities for all institutions on the Sui blockchain. This integration enables our clients to engage in staking, trading, and on-chain operations, while enjoying a robust experience with features such as transaction enrichment and simulation, and programmatic signing.

Stake and Trade on Sui with Fordefi’s Wallet Platform

Fordefi clients can now transact on Sui using the same workflows as other supported blockchains. Easily create new vaults, assign users, manage policies, and create and sign transactions. With Fordefi’s unified browser extension, clients can transact directly on dApps across the Sui ecosystem while leveraging features like transaction simulation and real-time risk alerts. Fordefi is purpose-built for DeFi, offering clients institutional-grade security alongside a DeFi-native experience on Sui.

  • Easily stake, swap, and bridge $SUI and all tokens on the Sui blockchain
  • Access a unified multi-chain extension for transacting across Sui dApps
  • Programmatically create, sign, and manage your transactions and digital asset operations
  • Protect your transactions with DeFi-native policies and transaction simulation

Fordefi’s Sui integration has also been made available for our Wallet-as-a-Service solution, enabling fintechs, exchanges, and brands, with comprehensive and secure access to the Sui ecosytem. This integration marks a significant step forward in empowering institutions with cutting-edge DeFi solutions and unparalleled security.

“We are thrilled to integrate Sui blockchain into Fordefi's rapidly expanding blockchain ecosystems. As leaders in the industry, we are pioneering new opportunities for institutions, delivering swift, efficient, and ultra-secure solutions for trading and holding digital assets in DeFi. We take pride in building for the future and pushing beyond what others have built before.” - Josh Schwartz, CEO and Cofounder of Fordefi

About Sui Blockchain

The Sui Blockchain built on the Move language and developed by the Mysten Labs foundation, offers a range of advantages that set it apart from other blockchains. Its speed, scalability, and security make it a compelling choice for developing rdecentarlized applications. Furthermore, Sui’s efficient consensus mechanism and smart contract functionality offer a seamless and reliable experience for users in the space.

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Uri Eden

Uri Eden is a Director of Product Management at Fordefi. Joining Fordefi in 2022, Uri brings with him over a decade of experience in product management and engineering.