Fordefi x Enhanced Direct Staking Experience For Institutional Clients

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We’re excited to announce our strategic collaboration with, a pioneering force in cryptocurrency infrastructure and non-custodial staking services. Fordefi clients can now choose P2Porg for their staking services while continuing to leverage Fordefi’s secure MPC technology, transaction simulation, and granular policy controls. 

"We’re excited to offer our institutional clients with leading staking solutions while keeping their digital assets secure. Transacting in DeFi is made more accessible and secure through collaborations such as this with" - Steve Horvath, VP of Sales at Fordefi.

Founded in 2018, provides staking infrastructure for Ethereum and 49 other blockchain programs including Cosmos. provides secure non-custodial staking services for professional investors, allowing token holders to participate in staking without the heavy lifting of running a node. 

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What can clients expect from this collaboration?

Enterprise-Level Security: Fordefi’s security suite ensures that each transaction is easy to understand, operating within defined policies, and signed via MPC (multi-party computation). 

Efficient Staking: Clients can easily engage in direct ETH staking activities with while covered under’s slashing guarantee. 

User-First Approach: Stay in complete control of your digital assets and seamlessly stake and unstake your assets, while leveraging both Fordefi's security features and’s robust staking infrastructure.

“We believe this partnership with Fordefi enhances our commitment to offering unparalleled staking solutions. It's a testament to our dedication to expanding the DeFi ecosystem and driving greater adoption,” said Alex Esin, CEO

For more information on how to stake with, please contact to schedule your demo today.

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