Halliday Chooses Fordefi’s MPC Wallet API to Power BNPL Starkware Gaming NFTs

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Play Now Pay Later NFT Startup Chooses Fordefi’s MPC Wallet Platform

We’re excited to announce that Halliday, a blockchain gaming infrastructure platform helping to bring the first billion players to Web3, has chosen Fordefi as their MPC wallet. Seeking an API wallet platform to support ImmutableX, an NFT scaling solution built on top of StarkEx, Halliday required a secure and performant wallet that also supported Stark signatures. With Fordefi’s recent announcement as the first institutional MPC wallet to support Stark signatures, Fordefi’s MPC wallet is the most secure custody solution on the market for StarkEx transactions.

“Fordefi’s wallet addresses a challenge we’re constantly dealing with in DeFi - secure connectivity and chain support. Fordefi’s multi-chain MPC platform enables us to confidently scale new chain support with institutional grade security. We’re excited to continue working together on future deliveries.” said Griffin Dunaif, Cofounder at Halliday.

Halliday - Web3 Gaming Infrastructure for Digital Asset Ownership

Halliday was started by co-founders Griffin Dunaif and Akshay Malhotra, with a mission to help bring the first billion players to Web3. Games have become a fundamental part of our social fabric and Halliday believes that games will evolve into a digital civilization where the chain codifies ownership. Halliday is making digital asset ownership more accessible than ever, by bringing the buy now pay later model deployed by popular apps like Klarna and Afterpay, into the world of Web3 gaming and NFTs. Halliday is backed by prominent investors Andreessen Horowitz (a16z Crypto), Hashed, and others, raising a $6M seed round in 2022.

“Getting to work with companies like Halliday and watching them leverage the capabilities of our institutional MPC solution is very exciting,” said Steve Horvath, VP of Sales at Fordefi. “Fordefi’s secure architecture enables Halliday to scale fast and deliver a secure and reliable solution.”

Halliday MPC Wallet Challenges

As a Web3 gaming infrastructure platform for NFTs, Halliday works to support new blockchains popular for gaming dApps in the ecosystem. To securely support their partners, Halliday wanted to find an MPC wallet solution for their partners transacting on StarkEx. Initially, there were no MPC wallets on the market supporting Starkware and the option to build a solution in-house was considered but came with its own challenges. 

Halliday Shopping List

  1. StarkEx signature support via MPC key management
  2. Non-custodial solution with shared recovery capabilities 
  3. Simple and fast deployment via developer first API solution

Why Halliday Chose Fordefi’s MPC Wallet API

Halliday selected Fordefi for three main reasons: our MPC wallet technology, our support of StarkEx signatures, and for our developer-first APIs. Fordefi is the first and only institutional MPC wallet supporting StarkEx signatures, bringing a new level of security to DeFi, and enabling Halliday to securely manage digital assets for partners on Starkware. In addition, Halliday chose Fordefi for its expertise in both cryptography and cybersecurity, a team that Halliday can confidently tap into for strategic support as they scope new blockchains. 

Halliday and Fordefi are excited to be working together towards the goal of making digital asset ownership accessible and secure, through the power of Web3 games. For more information on how Fordefi’s MPC wallet and security platform can enable your business to safely transact in DeFi, reach out to sales@fordefi.com today. 

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