Keyrock Chooses Fordefi’s DeFi Wallet & Security Platform

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We’re excited to announce that Keyrock, an industry leading digital asset market maker, has chosen Fordefi as their DeFi wallet. We first met the Keyrock team several months ago while still in stealth, and are excited to have them join us in our mission to enable institutions to securely transact in DeFi. 

“We are very excited to be working with Fordefi as our DeFi-focused custodian solution. As a digital asset market maker, we are participating more and more in on-chain protocols both manually and algorithmically. Finding a wallet suitable for these operations was a necessity. The freedom that Fordefi allows for DeFi protocol interaction, as well as limit that freedom based on specific rules, makes it a great tool for rolling out these on-chain activities. We look forward to using and co-developing all the features Fordefi has to offer.” said Jeremy de Groodt, CTO at Keyrock. 

Keyrock - Leading Digital Asset Market Maker

Keyrock was founded in 2017 by Kevin de Patoul, CEO, Jeremy de Groodt, CTO, and Juan David Mendieta, CSO. Keyrock is a leading market maker with the vision of empowering the adoption of tokenized economies. Keyrock recently raised a $72 million Series B and is active on 85 exchanges and over 400 markets, both centralized and decentralized.

“We are extremely excited to onboard Keyrock, a proven industry leader, to the Fordefi platform. This partnership enables us to continue innovating and solving for real world use cases alongside a prominent market maker in the industry. Enabling institutions to unlock opportunities across DeFi protocols with confidence, ease, and clarity, is why we built Fordefi.” said Steve Horvath, VP of Sales at Fordefi. 

Keyrock’s DeFi Wallet Challenges

As a digital asset market maker, Keyrock is required to interact with DeFi protocols. It became apparent to the Keyrock team that their other wallet solutions, though great at internal interactions, were limiting their ability to interact with external DeFi protocols. The lack of DeFi connectivity sent Keyrock on a hunt for a new product that could both seamlessly connect to DeFi protocols and provide institutional-grade custody. 

Keyrock’s DeFi Wallet Shopping List

  1. Seamless DeFi connectivity 
  2. Institutional-grade custody
  3. Self-serve (in-house) policy controls
  4. Flat pricing model

Why Keyrock Chose Fordefi’s DeFi Wallet & Security Platform

After testing multiple different providers over the last couple of months, Keyrock chose Fordefi as their DeFi wallet solution for two key reasons: DeFi protocol connectivity and institutional-grade custody. Fordefi’s unified platform and self-serve policy controls made it stand out amongst other providers. In addition, Keyrock is excited to try out additional features such as interacting on non-EVM chains, API connectivity, and mobile alerts. 

Keyrock and Fordefi are excited to be working together, aligned on our missions to enable adoption and growth of both digital assets and DeFi. For more information on how Fordefi’s MPC wallet and security platform can enable your business to safely transact in DeFi, reach out to, today.

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