Ouroboros Capital Chooses Fordefi’s MPC Wallet to Scale Liquid Strategies

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We’re excited to announce that Ouroboros Capital, a crypto native hedge fund, has chosen Fordefi as their MPC wallet to support ongoing multi-chain liquid fund strategies. Ouroboros Capital was seeking an MPC wallet with DeFi-focused features, in addition to a user-friendly and intuitive interface. We first met Ouroboros Capital through our interconnected network and are proud to welcome them to the Fordefi platform. 

“We are very excited to be working with Fordefi as we scale our liquid fund strategies. Fordefi’s ability to very cleanly whitelist protocols versus smart contracts, highlights their expertise around DeFi transactions and enables them to build a solution that is truly meant for DeFi,” said O, Founder at Ouroboros Capital. “On top of their DeFi expertise, Fordefi’s team displays an extraordinary level of care and responsiveness. We look forward to the future of DeFi and are excited for platforms like Fordefi, who allow a crypto fund like us to do what we do best.”

Ouroboros Capital - Emerging Crypto Native Hedge Fund

Ouroboros Capital was founded in 2022 by an anonymous group of investors. Ouroboros Capital, a mainstay on Crypto Twitter with over eighteen thousand followers, focuses its liquid fund strategies purely on DeFi opportunities across multiple blockchain platforms. Not by coincidence, Fordefi was built with the intention of supporting crypto-native funds, aligning precisely with what Ouroboros Capital was searching for in a wallet solution. Many of the available features in Fordefi’s platform, perfectly align with Ouroboros Capital's requirements.

As DeFi power users, Ouroboros Capital was an ideal customer to work with,” said Ron, DeFi Product Manager at Fordefi. “Their keen sense of knowledge in DeFi has led us to an ongoing collaboration that will only make our platform stronger and more specialized, enabling us to reinforce our DeFi features for all institutional participants looking to securely and confidently scale their strategies.” 

Ouroboros Capital’s Wallet Challenges

As a crypto hedge fund, Ouroboros Capital focuses on DeFi opportunities across multiple chains, which requires them to interact with numerous different DeFi protocols. Ouroboros Capital was seeking features highly specific to DeFi transactions that were not provided by other institutional wallets, such as protocol or dApp whitelisting and a native browser extension. On top of these features, Ouroboros Capital desired a clean and intuitive user interface for protocol interactions, policy management, and portfolio management. 

Why Ouroboros Capital Chose Fordefi’s MPC Wallet & Security Platform

Protocol Labeling

In a DeFi fund, the transaction policy must constantly balance operational efficiency and security. On other wallet platforms, the transaction policy does not allow users to define rules with the granularity required to keep that balance. For example, as DeFi protocols consist of multiple smart contracts, which are often upgraded, it becomes highly challenging to manage per-protocol transaction rules based on individual addresses; a process susceptible to oversight and human error. Since Fordefi labels protocols’ smart contract addresses, users can express their policy rules in terms of entire protocols, eliminating the need for individual smart-contract address tracking. In addition, Fordefi’s ability to match the smart-contract address within each contract call to the protocol it belongs, makes it clear to the trader which protocol they are interacting with, thus protecting the Ouroboros Capital’s operations team from malicious transaction or phishing attempts.

User-friendly UX/UI

Ouroboros Capital frequently engages with strategies involving DeFi. Being a lean team, they required a solution that allowed for DeFi interaction and operational management, all through a user-friendly experience. Ouroboros Capital discovered that Fordefi's dashboard and wallet extension were both intuitive and comprehensive. 

Customer Success

As with any liquid fund strategy, timeliness is one of the keys to success. Ouroboros Capital was in search of a team that they could trust and openly collaborate with to onboard quickly without compromising security. Additionally, they required a team that could efficiently label contract addresses of new protocols within a short turnaround time. The Fordefi team has had the great pleasure of seamlessly working with Ouroboros Capital during the onboarding process and ensuring prompt labeling of protocols.


After reviewing and testing multiple providers, Ouroboros Capital chose Fordefi’s DeFi wallet solution to empower them to confidently scale their DeFi liquid strategies. We’re excited to continue collaborating closely with Ouroboros Capital as we add new features and functionalities, further tailoring our product towards the needs of institutions transacting in DeFi. For more information on how Fordefi’s MPC wallet and security platform can enable your business to safely transact in DeFi, reach out to sales@fordefi.com, today.

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