Pantera Capital Chooses Fordefi’s MPC Wallet to Secure DeFi Funds

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We’re excited to announce that Pantera Capital, the first U.S. institutional asset manager focused on blockchain technologies, has chosen Fordefi as their MPC wallet to support their liquid token fund. As one of the largest digital asset managers, Pantera required a solution that could be tailored to their security and regulatory demands while also streamlining management and operations for their trading and finance teams. We look forward to working with Pantera Capital as their DeFi solution for scaling and securing their on-chain portfolios. 

“Pantera is one of the largest funds in the space and they leverage our platform to secure their on-chain operations. This is a testament to the confidence and reliability we are committed to providing in digital asset custody. We look forward to collaborating and providing ongoing solutions to meet Pantera Capital's strategic objectives." - Josh Schwartz, CEO and Cofounder at Fordefi

Pantera Capital: Fundamental Strategies for Digital Asset Investments 

Established in 2003 by Dan Morehead, former Head of Macro Trading and CFO at Tiger Management, Pantera Capital is an investment firm offering their clients access to the blockchain ecosystem through its funds. These funds encompass diverse assets within the ecosystem, spanning illiquid venture capital holdings such as early-stage tokens and multi-stage venture capital equity, to more liquid assets like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Pantera's liquid token fund acts as a multi-strategy vehicle, typically investing in a portfolio of ten to twenty liquid tokens at any given moment.

Crafted with the explicit purpose of safeguarding DeFi funds, Fordefi emerged as the perfect solution for Pantera as they required a wallet platform that could support and scale their liquid strategies.

“Fordefi is my preferred wallet for diving into new dApps, thanks to its seamless user experience and meticulous transaction details. It stands as the gateway of choice for both novices and experts, simplifying the exploration of the decentralized world with clarity and ease. ” Winston Ma, Quantitative Trader at Pantera Capital 

Why Pantera Capital Chose Fordefi’s MPC Wallet & Security Platform

Pantera’s trading team required a solution that could help them achieve three main objectives: protect their digital assets, securely and seamlessly connect them with opportunities across chains, and provide a robust user experience for all of their teams, to better streamline their workflows. After reviewing multiple leading providers, Pantera Capital chose Fordefi’s MPC wallet for it’s DeFi-first user and security experience as well as the transaction clarity provided to both their trading and finance teams. 

DeFi-Native User Experience & Protection

  • Proprietary Browser Extension: Fordefi’s proprietary browser extension enables Pantera to transact across chains, dApps, and protocols, all while staying within one wallet platform. Fordef’s wallet extension also ensures both secure and reliable connectivity, preventing any potential delays.
  • Transaction & Risk Alerts: Navigating on-chain transactions can prove challenging, even for seasoned traders. Consider a scenario where, despite obtaining approval from multiple parties and submitting a transaction, it unexpectedly reverts, resetting your progress. With Fordefi's transaction alerts, you receive timely notifications about potential issues, such as the likelihood of a transaction reverting or the absence of prior test transactions to that wallet. These alerts also highlight other potential risks that may pose a threat to your wallet, providing valuable insights to enhance transaction security.

Transaction Clarity for Non-Crypto Native Teams

When publishing on-chain transactions, Pantera’s trading team requires a quorum of approvals that include approvers from their finance team. However, when transacting with other wallet platforms in the past, the often ambiguous transactions left open questions, led to confusions, and bottle-necked workflows.

  • Transaction Enrichment: Fordefi's transaction enrichment resolves ambiguities by providing comprehensive and easily understandable details to approvers through the mobile application. This feature simplifies the review and approval process for each transaction. In addition to an optimized workflow, the transaction enrichment feature helps to educate non-crypto native teams on DeFi activity like staking, swapping, bridging, and NFTs. 

We're excited to continue collaborating closely with Pantera Capital as they grow and scale their liquid token funds. For more information on how Fordefi's MPC wallet and security platform can enable your business to safely transact in DeFi, reach out to today.

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