Republic Crypto X Fordefi: Secure Institutional Staking Solution

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We're excited to announce our upcoming strategic partnership with Republic Crypto’s infrastructure product, Republic Runtime. Fordefi clients will soon have the option to select Republic Runtime for their staking services while still benefiting from Fordefi's secure MPC technology, transaction simulation, and granular policy controls.

"We're excited to offer cutting-edge solutions to our institutional clients while prioritizing the security of their digital assets. Collaborations like this, as seen with Republic Crypto, contribute to making DeFi transactions more accessible and secure." - Steve Horvath, VP of Sales at Fordefi.

Republic Crypto

Republic Crypto is a web3 advisory company whose mission is to accelerate the growth and adoption of web3 by supporting its most ambitious builders and investors. In addition to strategic consulting, Republic Crypto facilitates broad-spectrum tokenization, power global token offerings, and operates an enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure platform. The launch of Republic Runtime enables infrastructure nodes for protocols, whitelabel validators, and delegated staking APIs.

“Republic Crypto is thrilled to announce our partnership with Fordefi, now expanding our offerings to an even wider pool of institutional investors and digital asset managers. This collaboration opens doors to a wider array of staking opportunities and diversification for such players. Together, we aim to provide a seamless and secure staking experience for institutions in the world of decentralized finance.” - Heslin Kim, Head of Growth & Ecosystem at Republic Crypto

Fordefi X Republic Crypto

Republic Runtime’s Staking Integration will offer clients an out of the box, scalable resource for treasury staking. This API-first module enables staking as a service empowering institutions with a plug-and-play portal for additional revenue streams with popular bluechip protocols. In 2024, clients can expect ETH staking, multichain staking, and one combined dashboard for multiple chains and wallets. What can clients expect from this partnership?

Enterprise-Level Security: Fordefi's security suite ensures that every transaction is easily comprehensible, adheres to defined policies, and is secured through MPC (multi-party computation).

Efficient & Secure Staking: Asset managers can utilize Republic Runtime’s APIs to bring their clients direct treasury staking with automated rewards. Enterprise clients can offer their users the ability to stake cryptocurrency through their  website or application using Fordefi’s wallet enhanced with Republic Crypto’s APIs on protocols like Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polygon.

Self-Custody Infrastructure: Maintain full control over your digital assets with Fordefi’s MPC wallet while staking with Republic Crypto’s gold-standard validators. 

For more information on how to stake with Republic Crypto, please contact or to schedule your demo today.

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